Please doctor injection I can use for PID or drugs


please doctor injection I can use for PID or drugs

I urge u to go and perform High vagina swab(HVS) and MCS(Culture and sensitivity) coz u may b taking antibiotics dat u are not sensitive to (resistance) it won’t b effective

Is the PID of scanty growth, moderate growth or heavy growth and do you have ulcer?

You can use antibiotics to treat it like streptomycin inj ,Augumentrin inj ,etc

Inj.gentamycin 1 ampoule+inj.procaine penicillin 2mls, after diluting it with 10mls of aqua water,dly 5/7.later,tab flagy 400mg t.d.s #5/7,tab doxycycline 100mg t.d.s #5/7,fluconazone 50mg b.d #5/7,prednizolone 5mg t.d.s #5/7,vit.C 2b.d #1/52,tab piroxicam 20mg b.d #1/52.

.v ceftriaxone 2g o.d for 5 days and i.v gentamycin 160mg o.d for 5 days. trust me u’ll b ok

Fluconazole, metronidazole,doxcycline,

Use kedi products
Gynapharm capsule

Use ceftriaxone 1 gr o d 5 days, gentamycin 160 mg o d 5 days, diclofenac 75 mg ,paracetamol 300 mg