Please please do not go to aspire academy for plab 2!



I passed plab 1 in September and wrote my experience with the exam in a previous post. The reason that I am telling this is that some people might think I am a person from different academy or it is a fake review. Yes, this is not my real facebook account but I have my private reasons for that. Anyways let’s go into the topic.

First of all, the best course for plab 2 is the online course by Dr Ankur ! I can’t deny that. I recommend everyone to watch it. He brilliantly makes you understand the concepts of plab 2. Therefore, I decided to join their academy! and here is the shocking part !!!

Dr Ankur is no more a teacher at Aspire academy and to be honest I already knew that before going to the academy but I thought that there will be qualified teachers who do the same as dr ankur. Currently, Dr Nikhil Rao is the teacher of the important classes like medicine and examination. Honestly, he has no idea of how teaching goes ! he is VERY VERY disorganised person !!! One example for that, in the introduction lecture he didn’t tell us you have to do signposting before asking personal history (( I already knew that stuff from Dr ankur) In the mini mocks during the class, students keep saying now I will ask you some personal questions before asking about smoking and guess what ?!! GMC in their official website said that it is WRONG to say that and Dr ankur said that in his online course as well!! Guess what again ?? DR Nikhil didn’t comment and he himself used it ! I guess he needs to watch the online course. We asked him many questions and his reply is soon we will discuss it and guess what ?! we NEVER ! in each station he discussed he missed really very very important points that Dr ankur himself said in the online course you can’t pass without them !! It is a mess with him and the whole academy is mess !!!

I need 10000 words to describe how this academy is fraud and it became very famous because of Dr Ankur. Please don’t waste your time by going there if Dr Ankur will not be the teacher in London. Also, their notes are really good. So, I recommend you to attend the online course that is taught by Dr ankur and study from their notes BUT NEVER go to the academy.

Lastly, I haven’t taken the exam yet. However, I wrote this review now to be honest. Most people in my class said the same about the academy and the online course but once they pass their exam, they forget the miserable days at the academy and only remember the fabulous online course and brilliant Dr Ankur.