Please what can someone do to avoid thinking


Please what can someone do to avoid thinking…

but it’s d only way to stop thinking cus as long as u live u can’t stop thinking

I can see you are a Muslim but go and read the book of Samuel both first and second

Go for diazapam and then doze off till infinity

What do you mean by thinking?
The thinking I know is part of life

U people r not serious maybe this person needs some1 to talk to or help of some sort, it will be alright dear God is in control pray n get someone u trust to share ur thaught .

U should hv answered d qustn if u knw instead of expecting smtn different. No b so!!

The bad thought or the good one? If it’s the bad one try this and u will thank me later visit a man of God n share ur problems without hiding anything pray with him go into fasting and prayers for minimum of two days n see the results…pls call me if it works for you .07039686095

Red alert, can someone call and cancel her, she needs help plz.