Please what is the cure for convulsion


Please what is the cure for convulsion

It depends on client condition, Phenobarbital, Diazepam and others are used

MY daughter 3 years old

Avi otova,atahu ewu,alubasa ovuovu. Cut them in to pieces put them on a bottle then put small Orange water on it(enyi oromi oweyi) take it two small spoon every day

I have no idea.
But God in His infinite power and wonders will heal her permanently In Jesus Name, Amen.

Diazepam, and treat for plasmo

Give sedatives like diazepam then you look for the cause n treat

Is not a condition but it occur due to infection which will result in high temperature leading to convulsion and is not only due to malaria

Infection can lead to convulsion which is high temperature

Diazepam and treat the cause it may not be malaria only


Inj Epiliv
Tab oxitol
Tab clonotril

You are right
And she is asking for the treatment