Pls what's the difference between pediatrics and obstetrics?


Pls what’s the difference between pediatrics and obstetrics?

Pediatrics is taking care of children and obstetrics is taking care of pregnant women

Pediatrics are the Little children, while obstetrics is know as pelvic

pelvic is the downward side of the stomach very close to the private part

Pediatric:Branch of medicine that deals with care and treatment of children.

Obstetrics:care of women during and after pregnancy.

Pediatric are essential for infant and children care department while Obstetrics are the unit or clinic that are constantly consult the pregnancy and the how the fetus are in condition

Pediatrics is take cate of child or neonate, obstetrics is take care of pregnant b4 delivery or after .

pediatrics is a field of health that involves the caring and treating of children wether obstetrics deals with pregnancy women

Pediatrics refer to child …(
its is the branch if medicine to deals care & treatment of children ).
obstetrics refer to pregnancy …( its deal & care during pregnancy ).