Possible causes please

Possible causes please. Symptoms startes about 3 yrs ago.
Night time spinal stiffness in the thoracic spine limited mobility of that area. Then it moved to lower spine and now accompanied by night sweats no known fevers. Lower spine feel stiff most of the time and feels stiff in the joints. lost 30 lbs in the past yr ( works 12 hour days and walks 12 miles a day as well so weight loss may be unrelated) daily tobacco use. Past history of alchohol use 3 yrs clean. Daily use og kratom for back and spine pain. No use of pharmaceuticals. No headaches. About 2 dizzy spells in past 2 yrs. General feeling of feeling unhealthy I know something is wrong. My last blood test and xrays came back normal aside from disc degeneration. Not coughing up blood dont have trouble breathing. I’ll wake up and my lower back spine and right flank will hurt which keeps me up along with waking up soaked