Pros - 1. don't have to seat for another exam

Pros - 1. don’t have to seat for another exam

  1. Can showoff to your relatives by saying you are already a neurosurgeon

  2. Easy pick up lines starting with " hey, I am a neurosurgeon "

  3. More matches on Indian matrimonial sites.


  1. You will be used as a cheap labour for the first 3 to 4 years.

  2. You will have to perform the duties of an Intern, nurse or even ward boys.

  3. You won’t ever know the field of interest.

  4. You are stuck with this no matter how much you like or dislike.

  5. Very high drop out rates even in central institutes.

This is precisely a seniors view who just left the course in between, last year. Just conveying his point of view.

PS. Not my point of view. Just conveying what I heard. Already cleared that. But seeing angry “Mcdreamys” I would like to apologize again