Psychiatry aspirants Watch the Netflix documentary

Psychiatry aspirants
Watch the Netflix documentary
and then decide…
Personally I feel it came at such a good time that we can know whether we r made for psychiatry or not !!

I don’t feel that this is a gauge for psychiatry.

why do psychiatry have fracture cases?

u r saying na K this movie is not the bar.

To isme psychosis K baare mein… To if psychosis is not involved in psychiatry to fracture is involved in psychiatry?? My question is this

I never said that this case is unrelated to psychiatry. A lot of psychological elements is here.

But what I’m saying is that it’s unwise to say that this one documentary can decide if someone is made for psychiatry or not.

That is why I said that this is not the gauge to decide.

No dear i trust in my 15 days psychiatry postings than some random assumed 1hour documentaries. And it is a disorder- folie-a-deux. In andhra also one famous case was there. And that family is highly educated. These things are more interesting and make us wonder about the human mind. Ofcourse psychiatry is not for the faint hearted.

exactly… This branch is only for rare ppl

That andhra case… you’re referring to the murder of the two girls in their 20s by their parents. Right, doc?

Yes yes. Chemistry prof, IIT graduate daughter.