Record Tuesday 2 June Sep 2563 (at 14.00 pm (sighs))

The Embassy in Paris would like to summarize the covid-19 viral epidemic in France :fr: as follows.

  1. Record Tuesday 2 June Sep 2563 (at 14.00 pm (sighs))
  • total of 151,325 test pcr patients (Kor) Public health adjusted statistics from earlier)

  • treatment at the hospital. 14,028 are 229 new patients with the number of patients who are treated at the hospital. Dropped from the previous day 260 (continued to date 8) and healed from hospital. Already 68,812 (372 increase)

  • bad condition. 1,253 new patients. It’s the 55th day in a row that the total of patients is reduced from the previous day. (49)

  • died at the hospital. 18,590 people (84 increase) and died at nursing homes and at social medical center (Ă©tablissements mĂ©dico-Sociaux) (increased from 29 November 10,350 July Number of 23 people) ** total of 28,940 deaths (107 increase) **

  1. Economic situation of France

Oh, my God. A. Economy and fiscal interviewed rtl radio (at a café at place de la bastille, Paris to show the first day of café, restaurants and bars, which can only be served in Paris as orange area).

:arrow_right: French challenges in the near future are finding jobs for all French to promote economic restoration, especially young people graduating in July. Oh, my God. This and the unemployed rate limit
:arrow_right: it is expected that the French economy in 2563 will be more recession than ever. It has been estimated at a negative rate of 8 percent of GDP is 11 percent of GDP, but it is believed to be recovering for sure in 2564
:arrow_right: Summer sale is scheduled to start on :eight_spoked_asterisk: 15th. 4 weeks from starting on 24 June 24 Oh, my God. So that small entrepreneurs can sell products at normal price for a while after not being able to open for sale during lockdown measures (17 Mar. July - 10 Nov. July (sighs))
:arrow_right: government approved loan guarantee of 5 billion euros to the bor. Renault by morning 2 June Oh, my God. I have started to discuss between the minister. A. Economy and fiscal, Labor Union and president. B. Renault on future plans (covering later 2566) that must guarantee employment and production volume at maubeuge city factory.
:arrow_right: the government will continue to assist restaurant operators through subsidy fund (Fonds de solidarité) until the end of the year.
3. Open borders with countries inside and outside the EU.

The Minister. A. Abroad is responsible for tourism (Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne) gives a TV interview on cnews that Âľ of yu member countries agree to open European borders from 15 June. Sep 2563

For opening borders with the country outside yu, yu member country will decide this on 15 June. Oh, my God. In this floor, there are comments that will continue to close borders with countries outside yu for about 2 weeks and we need to determine the list of countries outside yu that still have covid-19 viral epidemic situation. Yes and set measures for those who travel from such countries. It is expected that international travel will be easier to do from mid-July. July Now, almost 180 countries are still limited to French travel.
4. Public Health advice for airplane travel

The International Civil Aviation Organization (Icao) has published public health advice for aircraft travel ( aimed to all countries, airlines and airports to have measures in the same direction. In the following summary.

:arrow_right: let passengers show their health certificate and receive temperature check when arriving at airport.
:arrow_right: support to check in online before arriving at the airport and use boarding pass on mobile phone, including using other technology that avoid touch in airport (Facial Recognition / Iris recognition) and have the least amount of baggage possible.
:arrow_right: there will be no giveaway. And Airplane Magazines and limited sale of duty-free on airplane
:arrow_right: it is recommended to limit those who can walk in airport entrance. Only passengers and agents are allowed. Airport duty is allowed to follow the person who needs to get assistance (e.g. disability)
:arrow_right: it is recommended to wear a mask inside the airport and on the plane. You should maintain at least 1 meters distance which the agent. At the airport, there must also be anti-epidemic equipment such as masks / glasses, drizzle and gloves.
:arrow_right: let passengers wear masks on the plane and walk as little as possible while flying by avoiding line up to the bathroom and toilet should be assigned for each group. Clear seats without using the toilet with other seating group.
:arrow_right: even though there is no one seat between each passenger, if it can do it, keep the distance between each passenger.

Icao’s public health advice will be reviewed according to the development of the next viral epidemic situation and in this floor, Covid-19 crisis will result in about 1.5 billion passengers to the end of this year and airlines will be reviewed. Lost more than 2.82 billion euros in 2563
5. Paris provides free medical consultation and covid-19 virus detection.

:white_check_mark: 3th June Oh, my God. At Square Fleury-40, Rue Le Vau District 20 time 10.00-17.30 pm
:white_check_mark: 4th June Oh, my God. At Square Marcel Sembat-2, Rue Marcel Sembat District 18 time 10.00-17.30 pm

If anyone has an illness and suspects that they are infected with virus, you can consult a doctor for free even if it is not under the social security system of the dream. Whatever it is.

6. Visit to the elderly at nursing home

A. French Public Health announces respite measures on visiting elderly in nursing homes from 5 June. Oh, my God. So the elderly can meet family and close ones on the occasion of mother’s day (7 MI. Oh, my God. ) and father’s day (21 mi Oh, my God. France’s). More Than 2 visitors will allow more than 2 visitors at once if they meet outside the room and allow up to 2 guests in the room, as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as well as