School health wala qus was subcenter or PHC?

School health wala qus was subcenter or PHC?

Everyone’s thinking ques was, who conducts all school health activities…😂

Dude obviously phc n unke subcentre execute karte h…

Lekin ques me administrative level pucha th…

N there are only three administrative level in any psm programme…

National state n district…

So ans is district level…

Baaki jo tumko chahiy vo sochke khush ho jao…

Ans toh nbe ka hi right h…😂

Jethalal Champaklal Gada

I don’t remember exactly.

School health services was asked.

Can anyone recall full qus?

Suvadeep Mandal I’m not asking for that q… that was td

I’m asking school health services qus was given by phc subcenter etc etc… Something like that

you are asked to conduct a programme in school in rural area. Who would you approach… Something like that

DrSiddharth Lokare

Yes this was exact language.

Phc & subcenter both play role in school health services.

But subcenter staff works as the part of team of school health services.

& q asked who will u approach to assist u in school health program something like that.

So i think answer Should be subcenter…

I may be wrong because PHC also plays role.

God (nbe) knows what will be the answer.