Screening Test are necessary for every woman


Screening Test are necessary for every woman

It is said that the caution is better than the cure. To check with ban, many deadly diseases like cancer, sugar and bones can be stopped in the beginning and their treatment can be possible. Through the screening test. The symptoms can already be detected by these diseases. What a screening test you need is based on your age, health, family history and other factors.

:point_left: Brest Cancer:
The Brest cancer rate is increasing in women. and if this disease is present in family then its dangers and more increases. As soon as this disease knows, it can be a better treatment. Because it doesn’t spread more - 20 to 40 years old every woman should have brest ạy̰gzạm. For more threats it should be screening and quick.

The Memo is also seen in a what grams. Experts say that if this disease is present in your family 40 years old women should have memo grams every year while 50 70 years of women should be my̰mwgrạm leaving each year.

:point_left: pity cancer:
The bottom of the bottom of mercy can easily save from cancer. In the tube between y̰wٹrs and wy̰jạỷnہ, abnormal sales are known through pus ạsmy̰ỷr or hr testing.

Pus ạsmy̰ỷr test:
This test is sent to laboratory for sales from the test. The decision is that it is only a foul test, or to be found with the hr. It is decided that you will be judged by this test. How quick needs to be done. Taking test in real time, these abnormal sales are already cleared before changing in cancer.

:point_left: filled and cẖٹkẖy̰ bones:
After the py̰ry̰ڈz is closed in women, the bones begin to be hollow. Not only women, the men are the victim of it. Falling or Monday to break the bone, to be a severe pain in the bone, join his symptoms - 50 % of the age and 25 % of the 50 % of the 50 % old women and 25 % of the men are the disease.

Screening Test:
The bones are tightly nạpy̰ through a special x (D). This is how the bone can be saved from the dangers of breaking. More than 65 years old women are advised to screening it, except those who are If this is a disease in the family then they should be screening before this.

:point_left: Skin Cancer:
The sign that appears on the jldpr, the nasty must be focused on the nasty, their color, workmanship and sizes should be made special. in such a situation, it should be a regular check in the skin or the doctor.

:point_left: High Blood Pressure:
A risk of blood pressure is also increasing with the increase of age. Especially if you are a victim of mwٹạpے or harmful health habits. High blood pressure suddenly can cause heart tours or strokes. So by control it you Demonized can protect their life but can also escape from the disease of heart and kidney by keeping blood pressure.

The elders ḵạnạrml blood pressure is 120/80 while 130/80 or more high blood pressure ’ to. The blood pressure living between these two is the bell of danger so you keep checking according to your doctor’s guidance Need.

:point_left: Cholesterol:
The blood makes a maximum amount of cholesterol in the blood that is closed by the blood. It is increasing without showing any symbol without showing a symbol, and the cause of heart tours or strokes. High blood pressure, sugar and cigarette Even smoking makes plạḵ in the body due to this blood kennels are tough. Change in lifestyle and use from these threats to use medicines.

Before the cholesterol check, there is 12 hours of fạsٹng, then the blood test is done. from which the cholesterol level is known. Your Doctor for this test tells you what age and how many times it Need to test.

:point_left: Diabetes:
Often people don’t know that they have sugar disease. If sugar is growing up, it can also cause heart and kidney disease, strokes and blind pin. Reducing it food, medicine, workout and weight Control can be done. Sugar disease can be in, children and young people.

Sugar test is 8 hours of fạsٹng, after which blood test is done. 100 to 125 sugar starts while 125 or more than the sugar disease prove This is also a and oral glucose ٹwlry̰ns test is also made.

:point_left: when is this test his decision will be seen by your doctor.