See a class thinking on this incident

See a class thinking on this incident

Must be a cat’s fault because she was naked

And didn’t wear clothes, boys are innocent

Definitely cat must have made the boys wrong signal

The cat will come and sit in the lap of the boys

We know the prsnly̰, boys are very noble

May Allah ask. Didn’t leave the innocent cat child

There are questions in this post for those who were criticizing a girl’s picture two days ago, whose leg was seen above the feet that the girl has taken the degree of p, so what is the big thing, He didn’t wear clothes right, what is the benefit of such education. etc etc

What will they say today for the education of those boys who did not even leave a cat child

Heart does all those men should be tagged one by one who objected to the clothes of the girl’s clothes on this girl that there is no benefit of the girl’s degree, when half of the leg is naked. So brother what about this cat’s child It was a fault?? was this the fault of this cat’s child that his leg and body was also naked, that’s why the boys started???,

There is a message for men.

Inform your sons and brothers about sexual shows, tell them that by God never be savage, never be a drndạ, never rap an innocent child or innocent girl, do not kill them, someone Do not take away from your parents. Fear God, and fear God. If the heat climb up, do not humiliate the daughter of eve, do not attack any child, any animal Don’t ḥlạḵ a bird or a cat or a dog. May Allah give us the right path. Amen.

a 15 year old boy along with his friends and cousins in Lahore. The kitten died last night after extreme pain, trauma and damage that these monsters caused. She was covered in their sperm, her holes bleeding and leaking of their filth, she was not able to sit, stand, or sleep. Kept lying on the floor with her eyes wide open. Vet removed shoppers from inside the kitten that were used by boys to rape the kitten, and large amount of sperm. Her holes were damaged. Vet confirmed what ever happened to the kitten with tests and checkup but refused to write it down as he did not want to be involved in this. I have severe migraine and unable to sleep. Idk if i will ever be able to come out of this. Day before yesterday i stopped eating after seeing the brutality with hens, i felt sick and now this entire thing has taken my sleep. This growing rate of animal cruelty will finish me. May God give me strength and power. Will make sure these monsters are punished and exposed soon. I wish i could save all animals of this country and provide them a safe and happy life, where no other humans can harm them. May God complete my shelter and help me make 100 more before i die, may God make me create a system which will stay alive and help animals even after i leave this world. I’m dedicating the cattery in my shelter to this little angel, so we never forget her and in her name we will save the rest just like i made this shelter in the loving memory of my Girl Kiki who was shot by the dog culling squad at our gate while she was playing. This kitten case would be my 4th court case about animal abuse, rape and animal cruelty.