Seniors plz guide us about recognised and non recognised seat

Seniors plz guide us about recognised and non recognised seat… Dream branch unrecognised Or 2nd choice branch recognised seat… Which will be safe??? So that in near future we don’t face any problem regarding practising anywhere we like Or further degrees… Thanks in advance

So what is ur dream branch…how many correct u got this time

pedia… Not sure as different platforms are giving different answer… 130+ roughly

Go for recognized and permitted seats, unrecognised seat are a big no

Make sure if atleast one seat in the concerned department is recognised.

If not a single seat in department is recognised, make sure it a government college with adequate staff in department and UG seats recognised (it may get recognised before you complete your course)

I joined my PG in a govt college with permitted seats & department which has no recognised seats but luckily it got recognised jus before my Final exams , and I didn’t face any issues thereafter.

if the seat not recognised, then what is the problem ? cant i get official degree in that subject ?