Since my January ACL blow out I've been working my knee hard

Since my January ACL blow out I’ve been working my knee hard (except the first month) doing PT exercises at home and starting in March, hiking 3-5 days a week (several hundred miles at this point). I had my pre-op for ACLR this past week (surgery rescheduled due to COVID, then I put it off so I wouldn’t miss both the hiking and ski seasons) and my surgeon said my knee was amazingly stable (compared to when I saw him in February). Yea me! He said I could just decide not to do the surgery if I wanted but I (again) explained that I am an advanced skier wanting to get back to the diamond runs and that I do dog agility that requires pivot turns. I talked to my PT guy today and he said that most people who are sports oriented that decide not to do the reconstruction eventually decide the instability in doing sports isn’t worth it and do it later (and he pointed out most of those people are way younger than me). It’s one thing to fall on a level surface to due instability but quite another on a diamond run. I’ve had two bad falls this summer (one requiring a bunch of stitches) so I’m going ahead with it (cadaver graft because of my age)…Nov 4th. One last agility trial the weekend before!