Since this question haunts you: " am I pregnant?


Since this question haunts you: " am I pregnant? " you are listening to the slightest changes that may arise and come to confirm your intuition. Three main symptoms usually think of a pregnancy.

The delay and the absence of rules
If you are “Set like a clock”, the absence of rules will tell you that you are pregnant. Yet, for women whose cycles are irregular, this delay of the rules can be difficult to notice…
The swollen and more sensitive chest
You feel that your breasts are harder, more voluminous and painful to touch. If you are truly pregnant, your boobs will continue to inflate throughout your pregnancy.
Nausea and vomiting
You feel queasy when you wake up and these
Nausea can be accompanied by
Vomiting. If most of the time the nausea disappear at the end of the first quarter, they can, unfortunately, continue very long. Then you will have to find your miracle cure that will relieve your nausea.

Pregnancy symptoms at the level of your face
Do you feel like you’re back to 15 years old…
Acne Included!
Some smells you love yet before you seem unbearable: Coffee, food, perfumes. The increase of estrogens is in causes, you will have to take your evil in patience…
You will grow a lot, especially for a first pregnancy.
Your tastes and your appetite are jangled. You can have trouble controlling your appetite and swallowing everything that falls under your hand or maybe you will be sick to the only idea of having to eat.
You feel a taste of iron, a metallic taste in your mouth.
Do you feel like your gums bleed more often than usual.

Symptoms of pregnancy at
Level of your sex
You have little bleeds: at the moment the egg sets on the uterine wall (Nest), small brown bleeds can appear.
You have a common desire to urinate: the uterus in mirrow supports your bladder.
You have vaginal and vaginal losses: they are more important during a pregnancy.
You are constipated. Your gut becomes lazy and the uterus compresses your organs.

Pregnancy symptoms at the level of your belly
You have heartburn in your stomach. The muscle fibers of the stomach, the intestine and the uterus are released because of the hormones that invade your body. You feel heartburn and acidic lifts.
You feel abdominal pain. These pains remind you of the ones you feel right before your rules: pain in the lower belly and in the bottom of the back.

Confirmation of pregnancy
All these pregnancy symptoms are not proof. To have the certainty of your pregnancy, it will be necessary to do a pregnancy test that will be completed by a blood test.
The doctor who will follow your pregnancy until your birth will confirm the good news.
NB:Seule the presence of hcg hormone in the urine or blood is a sign of reliable pregnancy at 100 %…