Skin problems in newborn children.. Child Skin Issues Series

Skin problems in newborn children… Child Skin Issues Series

In the upcoming few posts we wil discuss common skin illness of infants/children

In the next few posts we will mention newborn children normally skin problems.

Pustular Melanosis Pustular

These are small blisters on the skin there are pus or water they fall dry soon and leave black spotted behind them. These spotted slowly end slowly, these me 3-4 months These are mostly found in newborn children whose color is black or brown. It can be on forehead, broken, neck, chest, hips, and sometimes on the lines. Blisters usually 48 Expires in hours.

There is no need for treatment for him. Just keep observing.

Transient neonatal pustular melanosis, a benign skin condition of unknown cause.mainly seen in newborns with skin of color(Brown/darker skin).It has vesicles, superficial pustules, and pigmented macules. The lesions are present at birth.Occur on the chin, neck, forehead, chest, buttocks, back, and, less often, on the palms and soles.The vesicles and pustules rupture easily and resolve within 48 hours. The brown macules may persist for several months

Sometimes pigmented macules are already present at birth. the affected neonates are otherwise entirely normal.

It doesn’t require any treatment.Only Observation is necessary.