So as some of you may know

Hey everyone,

So as some of you may know,
Jon Jonilase
(R2 Pathology resident in Quebec) and I (First-attempt successful QE1 taker) have been putting a lot of work and effort these past 7-8 months on a presentation through Zoom directed at IMGs that need help with the QE1. It’s basically a know-how kind of thing where we spend 3-4 hours doing the following:

-What is the QE1 exactly and how to pass it

-Letting you know the exact material you need to read and study so that you don’t waste your time or money on things that may be famous, but don’t actually work. In here we actually go in-depth through each of these and tell you why you should study some and stay away from the others.

-All the high yield topics

-Canadian exam-like questions to help you understand a little bit of what the exam makers want and how they think.

-We also recommend and talk about many other additional but effective resources to give you a little bit of choice on the type of material you want to study from, that way you can make your own personalized study guide.

If you are just beginning or about to begin or just interested in studying for the QE1, this is the perfect lecture for you as you will feel a lot more confident and secure about what you’re doing and how the process is done. We answer everyone’s questions throughout the lecture and even stay with you at the end to answer any further questions you may have…even if it’s about another topic entirely!

We only do this presentation once a month, it has a cost of 50 dollars. Keep in mind that Jon and I have our own jobs in the medical field here in Canada. We do this because we actually want other IMGs to clear the exam on their first try, as it’s quite frustrating and very time and money consuming having to repeat it, which happens to a lot of people.

Date will be on Saturday November 28.

If you are interested please leave your email in a comment below