So how can i help you with your prepation?

I m looking for to tutor someone.
Step1 251
Step2ck 254

So how can i help you with your prepation?

  1. Most important- question solving method.
  • With the help of my tutoring i can assure you wont have any difficulty facing any weird or rare case on exam by just ruling out the other possibilities.
  1. Knowledge for the tests.

  2. How to apply the theoretical knowledge.

  • My role here will be helping you
  • To identify high yield scenario.
  • How you should approach each question.
  • How to prevent overthinking.
  • How to get inside the examiner’s head.
  1. Assessment of your performance or identify your weakness and how you can improve your performance.

  2. Tutoring your difficult subject or system with the technique that can enhance your performance.

  3. Plan and analyze best plan for your exam.
    Any interested one can DM me.