So I am not happy with our patients diagnosis

Ok… so I am not happy with our patients diagnosis. She was not physically seen so we can not do a biopsy. Her pictures were sent only and dismissed as an allergic response only. Patient says back in the beginning of December she went to a friend’s house who has a fire outside and her friend threw shingles on the fire… this patient is allergic to rubber and says this rash showed up the next day and it is her story I think is caused her to be dismissed as allergies but what do I know? I am still learning. Rash has been 3 months, some days are worse than others, it is not getting better, patient wakes up with her eye so swollen she can barely see or open her eyes, she has had blister looking things that have leaked… she has complained of swollen lymph nodes, all her symptoms scream herpetic zoetis to me.

Burning pain and swelling seem to be her biggest complaints.
If it was an from inhaling allergens back in December, would her symptoms not be improving !?!?!? Unless re exposure to allergies.
I want to cry for her as I believe she is going to have permanent or st least reoccurring eye issues