So I figured posting an “experience”

So I figured posting an “experience” won’t be of much help rather than just doing a “AMA” ie ask me anything of sorts. I got a 253 on step 1, y’all can ask me whatever you feel like about the test as long as it’s not breaking any rules.

Ask me about the test day, resources or whatever you feel like, just dont ask me the questions asked on the test lol

I just want to say this though : I am a crappy ass student, I had ZERO basics, I was a few years out of med school, hadn’t touched a book in a very long time, failed in college in my first year. This is the first Time I have achieved something worthwhile in medicine LOL and I believe that if you study smart enough, it is possible to get a fairly high score on the boards.

NBME 20 . Back in September 213

21 - 232 10/27

UWSA1 - 241 11/21

22 - 252 11/28

23 - in-240s. Don’t remember exactly. Last week of December.

24 - 248 IIRC. First week of Jan.

18 - 257. 10 days before the test.

UWSA2 - 262 . 5 days before the test.

Free 120 - 93%

NBME13-19 185/200-192/200 , I took these between 24 and 18.

Rx assessment 1 was 266. Rx assessment 2 was 279. Again taken between 24 and 18.

So basically I underperformed. Made a lot of dumb mistakes on real test that I regret everyday lol.