Some important aspects to consider while choosing a course for PLAB 2 preperation:


Some important aspects to consider while choosing a course for PLAB 2 preperation:

  1. Course session timings: If you’re not someone who can stay focussed for a long time period, you won’t be able to learn no matter how good the teacher is.

  2. Breaks during a session: If you’re someone who can’t study continuously, consider a course that fits your style.

  3. Time between course and exam: You need to practise after being taught. So, make sure to select a course that leaves you with ample time to practise and take mocks. The time depends on you; some people might be very good at clinical and interpersonal skills, others not so good. Similarly, some people study well under pressure, others don’t. So, keep that in mind and choose the batch wisely.

  4. Location and expenses: Accommodation (per day and how many days), course fee, other s (food, transportation etc), travelling to the examination centre and accommodation there. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of travelling from the academy to the exam centre, choose an academy closer to the centre.

I have not been to any academy. So, I can’t comment if one course is superior to another. I know that a lot of people pass and many fail who attend the same course, same batch. But wasn’t that the case in our medical school as well? If you’re concerned about knowledge, don’t worry you just passed the knowledge part of the exam. If you’re worried about interpersonal skills, don’t worry you’ve been dealing with patients as a medical student/doctor, maybe in another language but hey! You passed IELTS right? Just take a decision and have faith in yourself and your teachers. All the best everyone. May we all pass :slight_smile:

P.s I’m yet to start my course. These are the aspects that helped me decide. So, thought of sharing with others who’re in the same boat.