Sonia Poudyal, studying medical science at Laipchig University

Sonia Poudyal, studying medical science at Laipchig University, Germany, has been awarded with Frederice-Abbott scholarship. Germany’s second largest political party ’ Social Democratic Party ’ (S. P. D) be a close scholarship.

The scholarship, founded in the name of President Friedrice Abbott in 1925, is being provided with the number of marks, based on the ability of political analysis and engagement in social work. There is a provision to choose the best students only after a subtle study of abilities of students who have reached all criteria and interview with professors of 2 different fields.

Paudyal, who is studying free medical science, has received one thousand euros (Neru 1 lakh 40 thousand) per month from the scholarship for 4 years. With this, she will be able to attend every year’s political celebrations, meetings and seminars in Germany. After receiving scholarship, Paudyal said । ’ This will provide me an opportunity to understand Germany’s political and social grounds. Through this, in the future, there will be some Teva in the health and political sector of Nepal. I’m going to be a

She added that this scholarship will increase the dignity of Nepal as well as encourage the new generation.