Special patient groups

Special patient groups
Pregnant women
• Data on pregnant women are limited; however, they can generally be treated with the same
supportive therapies detailed above, taking into account the physiological changes that occur with
• Data on children are limited; however, guidance for the treatment of children has been published.[8]
Experimental therapies
Drug therapies (e.g., antivirals) are being used in patients with COVID-19; however, unlicensed or
experimental treatments should only be administered in the context of ethically-approved clinical trials.[68]
See the Emerging section for more information about these treatments.
Corticosteroids are being used in some patients with COVID-19; however, they have been found to
be ineffective.[4] [70] The WHO (as well as other international pneumonia guidelines) do not routinely
recommend systemic corticosteroids for the treatment of viral pneumonia or acute respiratory distress
syndrome unless they are indicated for another reason