Starting salaries in UK vs the USA for IMGs

Starting salaries in UK vs the USA for IMGs

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Starting salary in the UK and the USA is almost the same for fresh graduates.

The UK: £2,700 ($3,500)

The USA: $3,200 (£2,500)

This is the take-home pay per month, after tax-deduction.

(The above values are only reference ranges and actual starting salary might vary 5 to 10 percent).

Yes, consultants do earn two to five times more in the USA. But even as a junior doctor in the UK, you will earn more than enough for the following:

  1. Buying the latest brand new Audi, BMW or Mercedes.

  2. Buying your own brand new house.

  3. Traveling the world.

  4. Inviting your family to the UK.

And you can achieve all of this within your first year of working in the UK. Since you can achieve all of this in the UK, and that too, as a junior doctor, money will never be an issue in the UK.

You can read more about pay scales for junior doctors in the UK here:…/pay-scales-for-junior…/

Also, please do not believe me blindly. Do your own research. Check online resources and speak to IMGs working abroad. You can easily find them on “International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in the UK” Facebook group.