Step by step process for registration to mrcp part 1 exam


Step by step process for registration to mrcp part 1 exam.
Exam date: 8th may, 2019
Registration date: 4th feb, 2019 to 17th feb, 2019

  1. Create mymrcp account from the website
  2. Make sure your all the personal details are up to date in the account.
  3. Apply for the upcoming exam from your account.
  4. Do black and white Photocopy of your graduation certificate. Make sure that your graduation certificate has the date on or before 7th may 2018.
  5. Attest the photocopied certificate from any of the following ways:
  • issuing university or medical school
  • british council
  • british embassy
  • british high commission
  • government ministry of health
  • a notary public
  • a fellow or member of rcp
    The easiest one is through a notary public. I did from the notary public only.
  1. Scan the attested certificate.
  2. Email that to
    Subject of email: primary medical qualification ; rcp code number …
    Attach either in pdf or jpeg format and make sure the file is less than 2 mb
  3. Pay for the examination

Note: Its necessary to have rcp code number to send that email of attested pmq to verify by mrcp uk. This Rcp code number can be acquired after applying for the exam. However if you have already paid for previous mrcp exam then you already have your rcp code, in that case, do not create duplicate entry. Use the same rcp code and same login account.

Be careful that it may take up to 4 weeks maximum from the date of closing of application period to get response to your pmq email. I got mine in just 4 days, but all will not get that early.

You must only send your Primary Medical Qualification to them after you have applied for the exam.

The deadline to email your attested PMQ and pay exam fee is Friday 22 February 2019. After this date incomplete applications will be rejected and candidates remain liable for the full fee.