Studying frm rapid rev marrow good option as per 2021 patern?

Studying frm rapid rev marrow good option as per 2021 patern ?

If you are able to grab the concept and solve the q bank of marrow thr. those rapid revisn videos then good…You are your most ideal examiner,so observe urself and decide.

Rapid revision acts just like bonus you can’t depend on that totaly with today’s cut throat competition.just use it as bonus first you should know all the stuff before especially if u r UR

Point is i hv read marrow main notes 1 c den after jan wen paper got postpon i shfted to rar prepladder… which was the pattern till 202 according to the same way my 70 80 % solution The last friend of paper used to be… and because of 50 60 %

In the exam of Pr 21, I said that there was not enough preparation… I said that when I met Litrally, the line from which I said was not in Rar… but the concept of Marrow is a little clear. While doing it, they have read the whole notes in a short time and I am asking if anyone had read Marrow’s rar and got a benefit in the paper of 21 so that I can choose that option… Otherwise the whole marrow note is too big for 6 man

Because there was a lot of deep knowldge needed in the pattern of 21 to solve it… and there is a note according to the pattern of upto 2020 in preparation… all in shortcut… basic was not explained …