Swamy online course review


Swamy online course review:
Hi everyone. A lot of people have been asking me about the online Swamy plab 2 course. I have henceforth, decided to write a review on my experience. I took the Feb 1, 2018 course from Pakistan and took the exam on 7March.
To start with, I decided to take the online course because I was doing my internship at that time and the course would start in the afternoon at 2:00pm Pakistan time. So it perfectly suited me.
I used my iPad or my laptop to attend the course. They would send us a password everyday to login to the webinar. Extremely simple procedure. The notes were emailed everyday before the session started. I used broadband internet connection with unlimited GBs. Didn’t have a problem with it throughout.
During the session, the instructors would make sure that everybody online could properly hear and see them. They would try their best that we could see things as small as a needle. They would focus the camera perfectly while writing on the board or performing physical examination. I highly appreciated their considerate instructors and felt that it was way better to see things up close online compared to watching the show in class while sitting far behind.
We could ask any question at any time similar to people sitting in the class. Never felt ignored or left out. They would give us equal opportunity to perform history taking and discuss the cases from time to time.
On Feb 16 I went to Manchester. Spent a day to settle down and following this having around 17 days in hand, I started practicing at the academy. I was given a hard copy of notes free of cost.
I would go twice or thrice a week to study with partners and practice on mannequins for few hours and rest of the week I would study by myself. The instructors were always around to help.
I took 4 mocks back to back. Felt that these were extremely helpful as the examiners gave a very fine feedback and also I had some 6 stations in real exam same as in the mock.
I passed 15/18 stations with a good score.
Would highly recommend the online course to those who can’t make it to Manchester due to visa or family issues. Just make sure you have at least 2-3 week before exam and after the course to prepare at the academy.
Please note that Swamy allows the students to retake the online course free of charge if they had missed a sessions or had difficulty watching a session. Also, it is also acceptable by administration if you attend a class or course in person if you feel a need and if you have time before exam.
Lastly, please don’t give up if you are unable to make it to Manchester to attend the course. Swamy’s online course is a life saver and in my opinion it will be a better experience as you can study at your home in bed or chair, no distraction and no responsibility left undone.
Good Luck!