Tamil Version of Importance of Examining Convict/ Remand patients!

Tamil Version of Importance of Examining Convict/ Remand patients🙂

For the attention of government doctors…

In your duty time, if the police bring people to review them completely.

Check it fully and write the truth…

For the people who bring the police, injury, swelling, stitching, you should write it in that form and provide treatment for it. Ar entry in accident registry no one can stop you from posting. It’s your right.

The person who is sent to court guard has been jailed after receiving medical certificate. So, the doctors who are working in the circle government hospital, give priority to save yourself first to save yourself.

No matter how busy you are, no matter how busy you are, give priority. Then one day when it comes to trial, I was saving another snake bite. Looking at the baby who came to fever. No one will listen to it if i manage the complicated labour case and transfer blood.

There is a chance to withdraw a certificate that is not written correctly. Because of a certificate which is not written properly, the criminals are likely to escape. A few lives may not survive. So, when you take care of law patients, give priority to register carefully.

Right post will save you. Lifetime Wave will save you from depression.

Jail visit should be held in the work of seeing people in prison.

Authority will save those who belong to other departments in other departments. But no one will come to save you in our field. Keep this in mind.


A Senior Doctor in government service.