Teacher teaching his student Hand Washing method

Teacher teaching his student Hand Washing method, student learns it and do perform at home and school what mechanism ?

  1. Cognitive

  2. Affective

  3. Cognitive and affective

  4. Psychomotor

Psychomotor is the answer

Will try to give detailed explanation in the recall video

sir when are the recall videos getting released?

alprazolam doses …

0.5 OD


1/2 OD

1/2 HS

0.5 mg BEDTIME is the right way of prescription. OD would mean anytime of the day but once… HS is fine to use for bedtime but 1/2 is not the right depiction

Hope this helps

Mohan Sunil Kumar sir but isn’t alprazolam taken bed time… And most of the consultants write HS

Mohan Sunil Kumar also if the option was 1/2 mg then also is it wrong way to prescribe sir?

Yea 1/2 is may be not the right way… Because different brands create different dose of drugs… And the Option was like 1/2 tab HS