Tear of the penis


Tear of the penis

Penis fracture is a very painful and traumatic accident. Man hears a noise of creaking and feels a violent pain; the erection stops instantly, and with the hematoma, the penis deform, becomes blue.
A bit of anatomy is indispensable because the fracture term that is commonly used is not totally adapted. There is no bone at the penis, so it would be better to talk about tear.

The Rod is made up of several envelopes. It ends with the acorn, which is covered with the foreskin, the retractable skin. There is the urethra, the conduit that allows you to evacuate urine from the bladder, and the sperm produced by the testicles. But it contains especially the bodies, “erectile” fabrics located on the top of the verge. They are made of squishy fabrics covered by many veins that form “caves”, separated by muscle partitions. During the erection, this fabric fills with blood: the verge hardens and grows at once thanks to this filling.
These are those cavernous bodies that can break up when they are under tension, during an erection, and if the rod is then brutally bending. In Shock, the penis seems to be “broken”. the rigid envelope called albuginea that surrounds the penis is tearing up. The blood then broadcasts immediately under the skin, forming an important and painful hematoma.

Fracture of the penis: a tear to treat in emergency
For The least serious cases, the treatment is to take anti-inflammatory and painkillers, that is, pain meds, until it passes and the penis deflate.
But when the trauma is more serious, and that we suspect a rupture of the albuginea which translates to a loss of palpable substance and a wound of the urethra, it is necessary to intervene surgically.

When the fracture is too important to heal with anti-inflammatory and pain pain, the surgery is to open the penis to search for the tear of the cavernous body and suture the wound. The sealing of the points is verified to ensure the future erections… which will not have to arrive in the two months following the operation.
To Avoid unwanted erections, the patient must take a medicated treatment based on benzodiazepine or then a hormonal treatment… less preventive but much more effective, the glass of iced water…

Important: the own of the penis fracture is to have a bumpy sexual life in the nervous sense and the sporty sense of the term. There is a fracture if ever the verge comes out and rerentre, that it comes out violently and we try to go back and clap next door. If there are these sudden movements with an attempt to immediate and violent penetration, there is a risk of torsion. If the report is quiet, there will be no fracture. If it’s starting to be violent, we might “type next door” and so break the penis. The Cavernous body is likely to fracture."

Position to avoid

The position of andromache, the doggy style, the missionary

Researchers found that the position of andromache was responsible for 50 % of the fractures the doggy responsible for 26 % of the injuries and the missionary responsible for 21 % of the strong fractures

“our hypothesis is the next one”, explain scientists. " when the woman is above, she controls the movement with the weight of her body that rests entirely on the erection penis. She can’t interrupt the movement when man’s sex penetrates in a bad way because pain is usually weak in the woman in this case, while she is strong for the penis ".

The accident usually occurs during an unexpected release of the penis, followed by a brutal return. A situation that would manifest more rarely when man is placed above according to the authors: “he controls the movement and therefore has more chances to stop the energy of penetration in response to pain”.

The Missionary would be responsible for many accidents. The Bill occurs during an unexpected release of the penis, followed by a brutal return.