Thank you so much sir for making ECG lectures

thank you so much sir for making ECG lectures interesting and easy for understanding… all your lectures helped me to clear out my basic and removed the fear of seeing and diagnosing an ECG strip… thank you sir for such amazing lectures.

Not only ECg… He is a class apart in all topics… Cuz the way he tells us about his experiences with patients makes us remember more.

You are one of the best mentors one can have. The way you share your experiences during the lectures has made medicine super interesting and easy at the same time.

Thank you so much sir

For me medicine is palatable because of you sir. Thank you so much!

Sir the ecg basics…like the leads nd all,he explained directly…thoda sa aur lucid ho jata…to aur acchs lagta…ecg for beginners kahan se milega

he doesnt answer questions much here on this platform due to varied reasons but more than makes up for it by his amazing amazing lectures…i was 50% sure i wanted to take medicine in 3rd first…he made me 150% sure by now

Truly saying CNS was like nightmare for me since my college days. And even I never tried to grasp it. But Rakesh sir just nailed it. You will feel interested because sir seizures ke example bhi khud dete hai

Great to hear this…keep learning…ecg is a core ward /casualty based module and is understud only through hands on…

sure sir… with you in medicine learning will never stop. thank you sir