The baby's constipation!


  1. Legs up!

About 20 % of babies and young children suffer from constipation, making them uncomfortable and irritable. If your child is one of them, lie on their back and fold their legs to bring them to their belly, pressing slightly.

  1. the bike

Another similar but also very effective exercise: in the same position as before lying on the back, hold her little legs and perform with them the movement of the pedal while ensuring that the thighs are directed on both sides of the belly.

  1. of movement

Manual massages go very well against constipation. One of these is to gently slap the baby on her back and massage her belly using drag or sweeping movements, with the palms of both hands, one after another. The right direction is from the ribs to the lower part of the belly, gently pressing.

  1. The clock

Change in the previous massage: hold your ankles and massage your belly with deep but not strong movements, making circles in the direction of a watch. Thus, in addition to promoting your intestinal transit, you contribute to the maturation of its gastro-intestinal system.

  1. With two hands

Lie the baby upside down (offer a toy to entertain, as they usually don’t like being in that position). Put one of your hands under her belly and another on her back and press both, not too hard!

  1. Half-face

If your baby is struggling to saddle and blush with effort, this posture will do the trick: lying on the left side, stretch one of her little legs and fold the other, pressing the thigh on the abdomen. Repeat with the other but