The Hard pregnancy


Hard pregnancy

Various factors can cause a pregnancy at risk: the age of the mother, his state of prior health, the development of the foetus or the infections.

If pregnancy is not followed properly by a medical service, the consequences can be very serious: Miscarriage, fetal growth problem, premature birth… and in extreme cases, the death of the baby and / or the mom When giving birth.

This is why the choice of maternity is also very important. Some establishments have intensive care units for pregnant women, units units and neonatal resuscitation.
The Pre-eclampsia, signs of a serious complication
A pregnant woman who develops signs of pre-Eclampsia (nausea, migraines, fast weight intake, oedema, hypertension, high protein rate in the urine) must immediately be taken care of to avoid the. The latter is similar to a generalized epilepsy that can cause the death of the mom and the baby.

After a pre-eclampsia, the woman must rest and undergo exams regularly (urine tests, ultrasounds…). This is the same for the following pregnancies that present more risks to trigger the disease.

Infections During pregnancy
It is possible to contract an infection that disrupts the good unfolding of pregnancy and the development of the foetus. Here are some of them that involve a strong follow-up of pregnancy.
Rubella: your baby can suffer from problems of view or hearing as well as malformations of the heart and brain.
Hepatitis B: infection can be transmitted to the fetus. At birth, the child must directly be vaccinated to avoid the appearance of liver insufficiency during his life.
The: it can cause malformations at the eye and brain level.
Cytomegalovirus (Cmv): Cmv infection can be responsible for psychomotor delays, but also disorders of the view and hearing.

Diseases that influence pregnancy
Your State of health at the moment of getting pregnant can be decisive for your baby’s health. Symptoms of pregnancy can also worsen your state.
Here are some diseases that cause a pregnancy at risk:
Asthma: some asthmatic women feel more severe crises during their pregnancy.
A disease or a heart malformation: with additional stress due to pregnancy, the risk of heart failure increases. Regular Check-ups are therefore necessary.
Epilepsy: the physical and emotional stress of waiting for a baby can make epileptic crises more frequent and more severe.
Hypertension: it can also be accentuated with stress.
Obesity: a pregnant woman whose body mass index (BMI) is above 30 must be followed, as it presents increased risks of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia or miscarriage.

What are the risks related to a late pregnancy?
After 40 years, the probabilities of a risk pregnancy increase. The most common complications in this situation are gestational diabetes for the mother, and development disorders and genetic anomalies (down syndrome 21 for example) for the baby.
Multiple Pregnancies:
A particular follow-up
Multiple pregnancies are considered as risk pregnancies that require more important follow-up. Indeed, the different fetuses share the womb and the mother’s contributions. Complications are then more frequent as premature birth, neonatal mortality, anemia, blood hypertension or overweight.