The Medical Fraternity Remains quiet as usual

The Medical Fraternity Remains quiet as usual

The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Friday has issued sensational orders over Visakhapatnam doctor Sudhakar’s arrest. The court has asked CBI court to file a case against the Visakha police and made it clear in its directives that the matter be completed within 8 weeks and a report shall be submitted. The magistrate’s report stated that Sudhakar had injuries on his body while the government’s report did not mention the injuries. The High Court, which does not believe the government’s report … commented that there is a conspiracy behind it and ordered CBI probe in it.

Sudhakar, who made public allegations against the government that he was not given PPE kits and masks while serving as a government doctor in Narsipatam, was excluded from Andhra Pradesh government duties. He was arrested by the police last Saturday in the vicinity of Visakha Road and was rushed to a mental hospital with KGH doctors telling him that he was not well. The High Court, which took up the case as a suomoto held a hearing on Friday and issued fresh orders.

On the other hand, the Indian Medical Association has also expressed outrage over the AP government’s decision on Dr Sudhakar’s issue. But this outrage is more of government support. Labeling your self a dr mental being dr never accepted. The thing is if he was mental (SCHIZOPHRENIC) How he was on job that to anaesthesia??? …

Guys we might think that he abused did wrong but put yourself in his position and think what you will do if people after u being suspended harassing you and your family and no support from anywhere. SUDHAKAR NO SORRY HE SHOULD SAY AND SHOULD BE BROUGHT BACK FROM ASYLUM. WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS THING and in constant touch with his friends, lawyers . Let’s all stand with him …If we didn’t today it might be anyone of us …AP CM if he is a good human being should appologize on national television. Doctor should be treated with respect.

The people who talk about we support hindu and we support dalit were are those ORGANIZATION or are they crippled by only political issues. Shame on us . We have different ideology but we should have guts to stand against wrong if evenour ideology party doing wrong, rather than remaining quiet.

MY TIME ALSO I WAS URGED BY ALL TO SAY SORRY I didn’t & I did it my way…if I am wrong I will say sorry if I am not I won’t .

#NO _ SORRY_ DR SUDHAKAR . Let’s trend it every medico on Twitter and on social and with all our medical leaders.

No doctor from Andhra Pradesh have supported him…that makes me feel sad…need thorough investigation.