The most of the elephant's posture


The posture of the elephant
The beloved is four-legged, docile, in a doggy-style position. There, the beloved has it from behind, while it leaves itself on the ground, belly on the ground: it now by the shoulders. It can adopt a more comfortable position by leaning on its forearm, its legs are more or less open, to welcome the sex of its partner, according to its good pleasure.

The benefits for her
Attention, highly flammable position! The frontal walls of the vagina, Ultra Sensitive, and the g point are perfectly accessible to the penis of its partner, which can then stimulate them vigorously. Leaving you declined of desire. A Pad wisely placed under the belly, increases the camber and offers a deep penetration.

The benefits for him
The dominant position is totally hot for him, even more if the opening of his partner’s legs promotes more deep penetration. On the other hand, his hands are free to flitting freely and of boobs and butt, to increase his sensations of pleasure. Orgasm assured.

The most of the elephant’s posture
This position is so exiting that the two partners do not look at each other: releasing many taboos. Adding the possibility of deep penetration and skin-to-skin contact, super “hot”.

The least of the elephant’s posture
The feeling of crushing for the woman. Take care of supporting your weight gentlemen, as if you were doing " pumps ", so you don’t " flatten " your partner. Fun is played as a duo.

To maintain the penis well in place in this posture, the best is to follow first, in a doggy position, before sliding to the ground for celebrations in special mode x. On the way to the 7th sky!