The Penis Syndrome Captivus when penetration rhymes with detention


Penis Captivus

The Penis Syndrome Captivus when penetration rhymes with detention…
Everyone has already heard of these dogs that stay stuck in full mating. The coincide is ready to laugh, as much as it is believed to be reserved for the poor canines. Serious erreur:Deux humans can perfectly know such a mishap, that medical literature has wisely named “captive penis syndrome”.

Reflex muscle contraction

“the mechanism is close enough to that of the vaginismus, caused by a reflex contraction of the muscles surrounding the vagina”, explains Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, Gyno-Andrologist and sexuality specialist. But if, in the case of the vaginismus, the contraction takes place before penetration, making this one impossible, Dana the case of captive penis syndrome, it intervenes right after.

Tetany, panic crisis, causes are unknown, and seem involuntary. But the result is here: the rod is still stuck. Embarrassing, but not dramatic in itself. " there is no danger to the verge ", ensures the specialist, even if he recognizes that solicited muscles can be very powerful, citing " erotic shows " that stage " Asian women who learned how to manage them In an impressive way ".

However, “if any doctor has ever heard of this type of accident, rares are those who have been facing it”, warns Sylvain Mimoun. He puts the stories of couples arriving nested in the emergencies in the ray of fantasies and other urban legends. Maybe because the unfortunate people are coming to free before the hospital.

In fact, the specialist reveals that there is a cure for this curse. “the muscles concerned, the bullpen of the anus, are a kind of double eight whose curls around respectively the anus and the vagina”, he describes. But the two curls can’t work at the same time. In order to relax the one who embraces the vagina, “a finger is enough to contract that of the anus”.

Important: the penis captivus is
When a man and a woman get stuck. This is a very, very rare phenomenon. This has nothing to do with witchcraft, nor spells thrown, nor infidelity…