The position of the star


The position of the star
The beloved, offers open legs, in star, on the back. His beloved, kneel with devotion, place a leg between those of his partner for a cosmic union aside. A whirlwind of sensuality in sight!

The benefits for her
At every go-and-come from her beloved, she is getting closer to the climax of pleasure. All the areas areas of its vulva are stimulated by the friction of the thigh of its partner, hot as the embers. She can beg him to explore other angles so that his sex travels valiantly the front, the back of the vagina, releasing waves of pleasure.

The benefits for him
The Silky and wet cave of his beloved tightened around his sex, his sensations are greatly amplified. He’s going to have to focus to last. Or give him caresses to remind him of the sweetness of his hands.

The most of the position of the star
Sensations are incredibly new for both partners with this unusual penetration angle. And as we know, the novelty of sexuality is an incredible source of delight!

The least of the position of the star
On the other hand, this position leaves little freedom of movements, for one as for the other. The best thing is to master the art of the movements for a maximum of sensations. We’re trying.

This position can quickly be uncomfortable for both, leg positions being quite unusual. To avoid the sensation of ants, in the thighs, not in favour of orgasm, act quickly… or change position.