The posture of bamboo


The posture of bamboo
The beloved extends on the back, with indolence, waiting for the favors of his beloved. She raises a high leg, that will be able to seize are a partner, while now the other on the ground. The idea is to make a crack. This last one on his knees, the seizes, the place on his shoulder, thus releasing the entrance of the object of his desire: the sex of his partner. He supports the movement of his basin by a knee forward. The change of legs takes place over the romp.

The benefits for her
It’s a lunge movement, that will be born the intense pleasure for her. The contractions of the vagina, which accompany the movement, potentiated the sensations. It was worth doing some zeal!

The benefits for him
For Him, this requires a great listening to the rhythm of his partner, through the cracks, which invites him to follow this movement in phase. Attention, who can have as advantage a delayed ejaculation.

The most of the bamboo posture
The posture gives access for man to the areas areas of his partner (belly, breast, sex), within reach of hands. While the angle of penetration promotes the stimulation of the g point. This is the opportunity for him to be entirely dedicated to the pleasure of his partner and to show himself a caring lover.

The least of the bamboo posture
This position is of acrobatic type, if it can give great satisfaction when it is successful, it can also lead to difficulties of sync. To be used in case of a beautiful sexual agreement.

In the image of bamboo, renowned for folding and not to break, a great flexibility is the guarantee of access to pleasure. Stretching is going to promote exercise, cap on stretching, stretching or yoga with two. Warming up, and in cadence to heat the atmosphere.