The story of baluchistan's space scientist Dr. Yar Jan Persian:


The story of baluchistan’s space scientist Dr. Yar Jan Persian:

The residents of blida district of balochistan province of Pakistan, the residents of blida, the residents of blida, have never thought that the son of a medium class owners of their area working on space technology and the UK University of his department in the university of Cambridge. The lowest age is a senior research scientist and the honor of being a fellow.
Dr. Yar Persian Persian has heard the story of reaching journalist Muhammad Zubair Khan to the destination that is served by them.
My relationship is from a area where there was no more customs of education, but there will be some number of counting in the whole area that can read the letter etc.
My Father and mother never saw the face of school, but from childhood they wished to be read. We are the owners and the lands are enough but on our lands it is not the idiomatic that should be.
So what did my mother do to fulfill my needs, can’t describe. More than that dad remembered some of the outfits of iqbal that they used to recite me and my brothers all the time which was the courage. -
Dad has reached my interest in studying, father has reached us in Karachi.
When I went to karachi for the first time, believe that this is someone else the world. The people, the cars, the traffic and the lights were amazed. After seeing the burns of the night, I started to see that I like someone. I have reached the city of lights.
He got admission in a urdu medium school in lyari, but it is not possible that it is not possible to develop until English is good.
After the guess of this situation, told dad that I have to take admission in English Medium School, on which dad took me the fame school located in Clifton Karachi which was greater than their capacity but they made my hobby I had gladys to study there.
I was a bedouin child who didn’t know the urban way, but I had the encouragement of the parents and something to pass. On the occasion, principal sahiba took my interview in the presence of dad in his office and English. I started talking to me, although dad told the principal earlier that it is the only way to take admission here. The situation was that English was better. The situation was that English did not come to me but used to understand.
First asked my name in English, which I answered in Urdu. After that they asked what dad did. I told you to work on the earth. That’s how they asked some other question in which Something to understand from and nothing else.
Maybe they were offensive my answer in Urdu although i tried to let them know that if i got admission I would have done a lot of hard work. But despite that they finally said me ’ better it would be that you Go to the village and help the land with your father. ’
It was the words that had tears in my eyes when my father saw me. I was a student of the seventh class. My heart was broken, but I was just a trained. - I was taught the lesson of courage and determination.
It was so mind that it is necessary to learn English. In Lyari, an english medium school banners and posters were. I told dad to enter me in this school.
To Learn English, I have tried myself, if you ever found the English newspaper, he read, sometimes read a book of grammar. Along with the teachers of the school I used to study with the help of the school. Though this one It was a small school but some teachers were taught by very hard work.
When there were exams of matric, people encourage me to copy, but I refused that I should have the fruit of my hard work, and the fruit of hard work is not wasted. That was my mother’s advice to me and the wind also that. When the result came, my a grade came.
I had done in Matric 2003, while in the end of the same year, there was no problem in taking admission in DG SCIENCE COLLEGE KARACHI. Contradictory Naz Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan was also a student of this college.

The tuition was also teaching during the FBI because apparently it could not be put so much burden on parents but its second reason was that I was interested in teaching and research. I used to put that if i will be pڑھạw̉ں then more I will learn and the wind is like this.
The F was running in the same way and when the result came, I got a grade on here too.
After fc, in the city of swabi, the ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of engineering science and technology gave the entry test for admissions. Preparation was complete, so the entry test passed the awesome way and got 100 % of the worlds.
My brothers had told the education practically. They were doing small business which they used to send me a convenient amount of money every month. This is the amount of student like me, which was enough for all the attention. It was on the scholar.
Meaning that after coming to karachi in the seventh class, the problems that started to be done, they were finished after taking admission in the university and after taking admission in the university, and the journey of achievements started.
Today, if i am associated with research, this is why I was promoting the professor of Fazal Ahmed Khalid (Star Imtiyaz) in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Ạnsٹy̰wٹ, that I had decided to be associated with the research.
From The University, I was free in 2009 and started job in the engro polymer and ḵmy̰ḵl karachi in the same year. The job was working for a year. Meanwhile, the research and higher education of higher education were contacts with programs and institutions, after which I had an offer from Japan, Korea, Canada, Germany, USA and Abu Dhabi.
The best offer for m Phil and research received from Khalifa University Abu Dhabi because it was also the contribution of the United States of the United States of the United States. The second thing, during the research, their ạʿzạzy̰ہ was as much as a good salary, which is the reason I had accepted this.
After this the scholar of Tokyo completed the research and Phd in many international institutions including the university of Tokyo.
During the Phd, my research was on a materials of mostly grạfy̰n name, which made different devices by using it. This research was published in many international jry̰dwں. When my research published, me America, Abu Dhabi, UK and Tokyo. Come different offers from my research Cambridge University. It was good to have a job for me.
Well, the better offer was from Abu Dhabi to the salary and privileges but now my goal was not salary but had to reach the next destination. So I accepted the offer coming from Cambridge University because I had to work in the field of research and maybe the world The best facilities for research in all over the research and environment Cambridge University is available from where the scientists like newton and Stephen Hawking are also connected.
I have a chance to work with the status of the senior research scientist after working with the status of research scientist in Cambridge for two years. I don’t know but it is said to get the rank of sny̰ỷr scientist from research scientist in Cambridge The year is a very short time, and I also feel that I am the lowest age senior scientist over there.
After going to Cambridge, lots of European companies and space agencies together made devices attached to space technology. To test these devices, they launch a space of space and artificial planets in which py̰rạbwlḵ flight, sạw̉nڈng rocket and other space craft Join. Grạfy̰n got the opportunity to take the first time in the space.
Different investigations are also underway in which other than sensors, if there is a wound on the body, then how can it be filled with it, also work on it.
Apart from this, Pakistani students are starting a project together with some of the UK’s organizations in which they are trying to provide satellite facility. If I got a chance, I would feel proud to go to my country. Will be.