The vernix caseosa


The vernix caseosa

The vernix caseosa is the viscous and waxy material that covers an infant when this one comes to the world. Very adhering, it protects the skin of the fetus from the liquid environment that surrounds it. During the 8th month of pregnancy, it will begin to detach gradually but it can survive after childbirth, especially in the folds of the skin.
The vernix caseosa consists of flaking of superficial cells of the skin and debris from the amniotic liquid. Its thickness on the baby’s skin can be more or less variable. Babies born in term usually have much less on the skin than those born prematurely.

What’s the point of the vernix caseosa?
By forming a film adhering and waterproof on the epidermis, the vernix caseosa protects the skin of the foetus during pregnancy when it bathes in the amniotic liquid. It also allows to lubricate the skin to facilitate the passage of the baby in the basin during the eviction. Thanks to its antioxidant and antioxidant properties, the vernix caseosa also protects the fragile and immature skin of the baby against external aggression by forming a waterproof natural barrier. It finally allows you to maintain a certain acidity on the skin. This natural substance has more than one asset!

Do you have to let the vernix caseosa on baby’s skin?
In the following days the birth, the vernix vernix disappears naturally in desquamant, usually 2 TO 3 days later. Given its protective role, many doctors as well as midwives advise to leave it on the skin after childbirth. The High Health authority also recommends postponing the bath, especially in the case of prematurity in the baby, to avoid any cooling of the newborn. For This, it is necessary to avoid too premature baths and not to remove all the vernix caseosa just after birth, in order to let it penetrate the skin to feed it and protect it, especially against any benign cutaneous infection. Reporter the first bath also allows the remains of vernix caseosa to reduce the thermal losses that follow birth.

If you want your baby to enjoy the benefits of the vernix caseosa, then know that the bath is not mandatory after birth: you can wait for the following days to give it to him. Simple Cloths are then enough to proceed to the baby’s toilet. If you want to give it the bath, it is nevertheless possible: just wait for 6 hours and check with the midwife or the pediatrician that its temperature is normal.