This group helped me a lot during my preparation

This group helped me a lot during my preparation, now it’s my time to contribute something here :slightly_smiling_face:.

Step 2 CK experience:


Step 2 CK: 263 (26th Feb 2020)

Step 1: 239(28th Mar 2019)

Materials used:


1st round: Subject wise (70-72%), untimed, with SP

2nd round: Random (85%), Timed (45mins>40mins), alone

Then did my Incorrect and marked questions

2.CMS(Most of them): After 1st round of uW.

3.Zanki flashcards

4.uWorld notes(some topics)

5.uWorld 3: Psychiatry, Gynae, and Obs, some questions from CVS and ethics.

  1. Step 1 First aid

  2. Few OME videos

Assessment: All of them were online.

NBME 6: 252 (Sep)- After 1st round of uW

NBME 8: 258 (Dec)- after 1.5 round of uW

UWSA1: 269 (Feb 11)- after 2nd round of uW

Free 120: 88-92%(Feb 11)

UWSA2: 260 (Feb 17)

NBME 7: 257 (Feb 17)

Preparation time: I am avoiding this question as I don’t have a proper answer for it. But if someone is done with step 1 recently, a dedicated study period of 5-6months should be enough, but again, it depends on various factors. Your assessment will help you to decide whether you are ready or need more time. So, try to take assessments in a planned way.

My journey:

  1. I started my preparation directly with online uWorld and kept my step 1 first aid book right beside me throughout the journey.

  2. I used uWorld notes, Google, and few OME videos to clear my confusion.

  3. I used Zanki dedicatedly during my last month of preparation. I believe, if you are fresh with your step 1 knowledge, uWorld+Anki is enough to get a good score.

  4. I used uWorld 3 for Gynae and Obs as it was my weak point. And it really helped me.

  5. I simulated the 9hours exam 3times. I planned my break time, food and dress to wear beforehand.

  6. I started my registration in mid-September and my target was to sit for the exam around late Oct/Nov. My registration got rejected in mid- Nov.

  7. I took some notes during my 2nd round of uW but was unable to revise most of them.

  8. I was not confident enough about ECG questions, so I took some notes and made a separate deck of flashcards only for ECG. I also used YouTube videos and Google to understand ECG well. I revised them the day before the exam and didn’t face any difficulty in ECG questions during the exam.

  9. I finished my 2nd round of uW around Feb 5, then I started doing my incorrect and marked questions. I took my remaining assessments but was not able to review them (just reviewed the incorrect). Last 4-5 days, I used uWorld notes to skim through the algorithms and tables. I continued doing questions until the last day.

  10. The day before the exam: Stopped studying around 5:30 p.m. Went for a walk and went to bed around 10 p.m. I was not able to get a good sleep but as it happened previously during my step 1 exam also, I was mentally prepared for it.

  11. Exam day: I followed this pattern to take a break: 1+2+1+1+1+2. I ate a protein bar and some chicken nuggets during my break time. After block 5, I felt tired and finishing the last block was very very challenging. So, work on your stamina.

  12. Post exam feelings: Right after the exam I was thinking maybe it went okay, but then I started to remember all the silly mistakes I did and felt very horrible! I really didn’t know what to expect.

I am a blessed person with a supporting husband, family, friends and also with lots of good SP alhamdulillah. I had an SP who helped me to stay calm and confident throughout my preparation. I am very much thankful to you guys.

Staying positive and confident is very important for this stressful journey.

I hope it helps. Keep studying, stay positive and focused. May Allah help us all…