This is Angela Merkel, Germany's Chancellor

This is Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, a world’s most respected leader at the moment, a scientist in physics and chemistry as well as politicians, specializing in German, English and Russian. Guiding the EU strong economy. They do what is the most important economy in the world.

However, the Federal Republic of Germany budget does not provide free state services, no accommodation, no electricity, no gas, no recreational expenses, no personal chef, no free water, no free phones etc. She’s living her life like any other German citizen. She does her shopping like normal citizens (pictured in Berlin supermarket), carries her own shopping bags, pays for her own shopping. If they get a parking challenge ticket somewhere they pay with their own pocket.

A reporter recently asked him,

′′ Do you remember I took a picture of you in the same dress ten years ago?.. He replied:

′′ My mission is to serve my fellow Germans, not modeling

Now look at the ministers of Malik Khadad, who are formed in the name of Islam (establishment supported) and tell me how many officials are there who are capable of landing to this standard?