This is my 1st and perhaps last post in this group:


This is my 1st and perhaps last post in this group:
Step 1 score: 233
Uwsa1(3 months before): 249
Uwsa2(2 months before): 256
Nbme 18(1 month before): 246
I’m student of final year from Pakistan just recieved my score few days back.
My experience is stretched over a really long period of time with no dedicated period(i mean i used to study only 3-4 hours days before exam) so i don’t think so it will be useful for any of u in that manner. However during this time i got to know a few things that might be worth sharing.

.First things first, i attribute the major decrease in my score as compared to my self assessment to the lack of sleep the night before exam. By which i mean that i actually didn’t sleep for a single minute the night before exam. Call it anxiety, lack of a proper routine or anything else. Another major blow was my exam being reschduled by regional prometric such that i booked my exam on 5th december(3 days ahead of nbme 18) however for some reason it was rescheduled to 16th of jan after which i had to concentrate on my semester exams and couldn’t get into the rythm later on

.In my opinion ur preparation for step 1 begins once u buy uworld so as soon as u are fully motivated buy a subscription. A 6 month subscription if u plan to give in next 6 months or 1 year if u plan otherwise. Even if u are not quite familiar with first aid ill suggest u buying it and doing the 1st round system and subject wise along with studying each system/subject from first aid. 2nd round u shall be able to do complete random as actual exam is.

.Regarding kaplan, high yeild series and other books and video lectures i believe are of more use when u are in 1st or 2nd year of ur school and have plans of giving usmle in senior years but i dont think so they hold any importance once ur dedicated period begins

.If u feel like that even after doing FA and UW u lack some info,think of using some other resources only if u are kinda sure that u have completely mastered the content in uworld and first aid(which never really happen) i personally skimmed through shelf notes and 100 cases but i didn’t found them of much use.

.I did my study all alone but i really felt the need of a study partner at a lot of times. So if u have one,use it to ur advantage as it can be of big help.

.Exam is very tough. I found it way more difficult than anything i did previously but that could be because of my lack of sleep however one thing is for sure that most vignettes scenarios and cases they give are atypical not the typical ones as u find in uworld or other resources and the idea of being continuously in the state of exam for 8 straight hours is enough to give chills already.

Initially i thought i won’t be posting my experience as my score is pretty average but if u found any of it useful in ur respective preparations then remember me in ur prayers.

Thanks for reading.