This post is already too long, I will have a part 2 of it to conclude


Plab 2 Prep!!

I’ve waited for 4 months for this so that I get a clearer picture of what also transpired in other academies from my friends that also took the plab 2 exam, to enable me to truly assess the impact of academies on plab 2 success.

Within this period, I had friends that passed from all academies and those that failed in those same academies. I’ve heard about the good sides and bad sides of all academies, but this post isn’t about which academy is the best or which is the worst.

The choice of which Academy to attend is a personal choice of every plabber after due diligence. But it worries me when some people come here to rubbish one academy while praising the other.
I communicated with all the leading academies by email before I made my choice. I wouldn’t begin to elaborate all the factors I considered before deciding, but it was purely a personal decision. I chose the academy that had a model that suited my person and I didn’t allow Facebook noise to influence me. My friend chose another Academy for equally personal reasons and both of us passed. Summary; do ur research before u make ur choice and let that choice be guided by ur unique need and not internet propaganda.

I went to common stations by Dr Hamed.

Coming to the plab 2 prep, I had already indicated in one my earlier posts that I lost 10 days of academy due to Visa delays.
It made me to push myself to almost breaking point. I won’t advise that on anyone. I had about 2 weeks from the end of Academy to the exam.

It was tough. I had wanted to outline how I tackled the plab 2 Academy and exam prep, but that may not be a good thing. I’ve been providing some advice on inbox to some candidates based on my understanding of their unique situations. There is no single formula that fits everyone.

One thing u should take away from this post is: WHICHEVER ACADEMY U CHOOSE, DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU THERE,AND YOU WILL PASS.

it sounds so stupidly simple, but maybe I’m really an old man,but I don’t see why somebody would spend thousands of pounds to get to plab 2 stage and be sleeping in academy class during active lectures; why somebody will be chatting on the phone during lectures; why somebody will take multiple coffee breaks during lectures; why someone will take multiple smoking breaks during lectures; why somebody will not read the academy lecture scripts well; why someone will abandon the script of the academy he/she is attending and be reading only that from another place; why someone will book an exam so close to the end of academy or even during academy; why someone will not do enough practice with colleagues in the academy; why someone will not pray before entering the exam, if his/her faith allows that. There are obviously a lot I don’t understand, but because I do believe in destiny, I do think someone can still do all and still fail,because it wasn’t his/her time to pass.

This post is already too long, I will have a part 2 of it to conclude.