This time neetpg will must be questions on drawing diagnosis

I was working asMedical officer at PHC. I left my job today what is material i should read or solve to secure 600-700 marks. Seniors and people who have done please guide. Or if it not possible this year then how should I go for 2022 exam.

Plz guide

This time neetpg will must be questions on drawing diagnosis … little oneliner questions …they have the burden of utilisation of every seat also it’s positive side …mam first read the general patho thoroughly then blood from all subjects …

I m also planning to quit this phc MO job.

go through any qbank properly with 2 revisions

Can someone pls explain the marks scoring in neet like 300 questions

Correct answer carries 4 marks

So for example 100 questions correct 400/1200 ?

pls msg me also regarding the neet pg preparation strategy. I am working as phc MO. And very less time to read

I hope u have already done coaching and read by something now… If yes… stick to that material and revise… don’t start new. If no… do RR of marrow or prep + last 5 year papers

i did coaching last year

I left job now…if I seriously start from today wat rank can i get?

Last yr got 17k

evision is best(but you have to buy the whole course)… LMRP decent (you can buy only this course)… if you have marrow do those mcq discussions…

SSM/ROAM with LMRP 3.0 book as primary source will be good to use if you are not appearing GTs and solving qbanks … all the best