Thunder Castle midfielder is a Thai league footballer who infected COVID-19 from the last screening

Sor. Statement confirms that the Thunder Castle midfielder is a Thai league footballer who infected COVID-19 from the last screening.

Ministry of Health press conference confirmed on 11 September that Akbar Ismatullayev, the Uzbekistan midfielder of Buriram United was a Thai league footballer who detected the virus. COVID-19 before Toyota Thai League 2020 will be back to compete again on 12 September.

All clubs in Thai league 1-2 just took sportsmanship and officials screening for COVID-19 virus on last September 8-9 to follow 8-9’s Nobab. And the Ministry of Public Health before the latest, all the checkups are done. It appears that Akbar Ismatullayev, Uzbekistan midfielder of Buriram United is only one football player. Positive test results and detachment immediately.

For Akbar Ismat Layev is the 2th footballer of Buriram United who infected the COVID-19 virus against Margo Chepovich, Serbian striker. Infected after travelling to Thailand early August, and previously, Akbar Ismatullayev had a chance to go on a warmed up game for the 2 Thunder Castles. After the opening house won Ratchaburi. Friendly p̄hl 4-3 on 30 August 2563 and open house won Khon Kaen United 8-0 on 5 September 2563

Accbar Ismatullayev has arrived in Thailand on 13 Aug. Probably 2563 ago before detention in a hotel in Bangkok. Between 13-27 s. Jul. 63, which detected Dovid-19 by way of RT PCR from the nasal cavity (NPS) 2 times, but found no infection. Then, went to the province. Buriram on the 27th S. Nov. 63 by club van with 1 drivers. All 2 of them were wearing a sanitary mask and didn’t stop anywhere.

Then between 28 s. K. K. - 9 k. Nov. 63 Training with the team. Reportedly, this player’s routine will stay at lunch time. Out to eat back to foreign footballers together during the evening of every day. Been in the dressing room for about 30 minutes without wearing a sanitary mask. Once done practicing, private round trip with a new team player friend to go to eat. Not using public transportation.

Even at 8 k. The Department of Medical Sciences detected COVID-19 for all football players before competing with mou with 42 football associations and 63 July 10 Nov. 63 went to Buriram team camp at Bang Bo Samut Prakan, travelling with Air Asia Airlines, which the player masked his sanitary mask along the journey and stayed separated with friends.

The Prime Minister Novirisan Nanakkul, the Vice President of Thai League Co Ltd. reveals that ′′ Thai league match between Buriram United and Bangkok Glass FC will be postponed first to do this week. Detecting the leavening agent.

Meanwhile, Ratchaburi Mitr FC, despite no infection, it has to be detected. The match between Ratchaburi Mitr FC and Bankock United have to be postponed first. Like Khon Kaen to meet with Rajabhanawi to detect Ratchaburi. To make sure football fans