Tinea corporis or G.annulare


Tinea corporis or G.annulare

  1. Not cause UTI : trichomoniasis or H.ducryi

  2. IBQ : Ig A or Ig M

  3. IBQ : CRISOID ANEURYSM or varicocele or neurofibromatosis

  4. Behavior change and ataxia : Frontotemporal dementia or normal tension hydrocephalus

  5. I/L ataxia ND loss of pain temp from I/L face and C/L lower limb:.
    Lateral medullary SYNDROME or pons ?

  6. Chest indrawing:

Pneumonia , give ANTIBIOTICS and ask the patient to revisit again

Severe pneumonia and refer to higher centre

  1. B/L Proptosis with euthyroid : thyroid opthalmopathy or oribtal pseudotumor

Anyone pls