Tips to make skin fair and beautiful with yogurt

Tips to make skin fair and beautiful with yogurt

Yogurt is full of protein, calcium, vitamins and pre-biocus. It is used as a healthy diet which gives the body great benefits. It is also for skin health as well as other body parts. Very useful. Yogurt contains lecture acid which keeps the skin young and fresh. It becomes soft and soft. Yogurt also eliminates nail acne and cleans the color. Yogurt is pure and pure. If used in original shape, the nutrients in it make the skin attractive and healthy.

Yogurt can also be used on the face besides eating yogurt for the beauty of the skin. To make the skin beautiful, try using the following methods:

Skin whitening

Use of yogurt on the skin brightens the skin and removes the jars. To use yogurt as skin whitening add a few drops of lemon or orange juice to use yogurt. The citric acid in the lembo or orange gland will provide natural revelation to the skin.

Natural moisturizer

To make skin soft and soft, add 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon of honey in 4 large spoon of yogurt. Now apply this mask on the face for twenty minutes. Then with light hot water Wash your face.

Also, in yogurt, lentil powder and orange peel cuisine can be applied by mixing weight. Put it on for 15 minutes. If the skin is too dry, add a little honey. Skin Being soft will shine as well.

Scrub to remove dead cells

A great scrub can be made from yogurt. Massaging it due to scrubbing features in yogurt cleanses the dead cells of the skin. Mix rice powder in yogurt and make a thick paste. With this on the face Massage in the round. After a little massage, wash with cold water. Instead of rice, the flour can also be added.

To get rid of the nail mahsa

Only yogurt can be used to eliminate nail acne quickly. Apply thick yogurt paste on the face and leave for twenty minutes. Wash your face after a while.

Yogurt paste can also add turmeric powder, sugar and sandal powder. Massage the skin with this paste. Wash your face with cold water after fifteen minutes.

Light under the eyes

Due to fatigue, lighten down the eyes. To remove them, apply thin yogurt under the eyes. Wipe with cotton and sleep with the help of cotton. This process daily for a week. Try it before you sleep. Your light will be gone.