Today is 2 months post ACL and meniscus repair surgery

Today is 2 months post ACL and meniscus repair surgery.

A week ago Sunday I did steps without crutches, but I did it wrong and it sent me in pain for nearly a week. I felt pressured and was told I was ready by my dr and my physio.

My doctor recommended me to go to the physiotherapy department in the hospital…I walked last Tuesday and it was like walking into heaven…it was a GYM! I LOVE GYMS! One of my happy places!

They all looked at me in there like I wasn’t supposed to be there…I assume it is because I was the only person on crutches and supposed to come there once I am off. I didn’t care…I went anyway. On my 3rd visit I walked my first healthy and correct steps off crutches. I asked her to coach me on my walking and she did, it was such a simple fix…and then she said “give me one crutch”. I gave it to her and then lifted the other one in the air and did my first steps!

There is something about doing those hamstring curls that just get me feeling so strong.

I came home and I just couldn’t walk at home without them.

I went back today and I walked almost the whole length of the gym with no crutches. I got home and the fear just filled me.

First of all I know I am all pumped on endorphins at the gym and maybe that gives me the confidence and the rush to do it.

My intention is to be off crutches at least around my home by Sunday.

I just need to practice more and more. Thankfully I have another appointment for rehab on Friday. I really love going there! It feels amazing and today I walked the whole time there with my crutches out in front of me!

And I am doing a little over 9 miles in 30 minutes at levels 6 and 8 on the cycling machine…it was only my 4th time there…last week it was 20 minutes and 4.38 miles.

Please send me good juju to get me walking on my own…I’m ready to release these sticks!

UPDATE: 30 minutes after posting this I am walking in my home…holding my crutches! Next step, not carrying them!!! 🙂 Progress! I guess I just needed to share it for me to do it!!!