Too much turmeric consumption is injurious to health, what are the benefits?

Too much turmeric consumption is injurious to health, what are the benefits?

Dr. Asmita Aryal

Turmeric is considered as ‘natural boon’ in Ayurvedic medicine. The search and research in the field of Botany has also confirmed countless medicinal properties of turmeric. Allopathic therapy also agrees with the fact that ‘curcumin’ found in turmeric works in the body as antinflemetory and antioxidants and enhances immune capacity.

Turmeric with such miraculous quality, has been used as a mandatory spice in every Nepali kitchen long ago, while it is also being sold-distributed and consumed as a ‘curcumin’ capsule in western countries.

Along with the epidemic of Corona, the glory of turmeric has also been stabbed in social media. Its use in every Nepali kitchen has increased by double / double percent. But in this way, highly consumed turmeric can be ‘harmful’. There is a rare discussion about the health problems that can cause over consumption of turmeric, which has countless benefits of using the right quantity.

Problems / disadvantages of excessive turmeric consumption

Bleeding (bleeding disorder)

According to various international research, consuming more than necessary (more than 8 grams daily) can lead to bleeding problems. This will make blood thinner and increase ‘bleeding time’. Which causes the blood freezing process to slow down after injuries and causes excessive bleeding. Along with this, there can be a problem of easily living in the body.

Anemia / Iron deficancy

The essential ’ iron ’ intestinal cells of our body use as ’ feritin '. The ‘curcumin’ element found in turmeric is tied to the intestine ferrick iron, causing it to be produced by feritin. This is how many ironic food we eat, unnaturally eating too much turmeric, intestinal cells can’t use that iron and suffer from a low blood.